We are Winnipeg meal prep specialists helping the local health community.  

Artisans of the healthy, hearty, tasty pre-planned option on a weekly basis.

204MealPrep was born out of a need for delicious, convenient food without sacrificing quality and the time to make it.

We’ve taste-tested and fine-tuned all our menu options, working out all the kinks, so you get the best.

We will also custom prepare your current meals plans.

At 204 MealPrep they are all pre-made, pre-portion, and individually cooked packages delivered straight to your door or work.

All you do is heat and enjoy.


Well, one thing’s for sure, we have all heard about Meal Prep from the countless celebrities, professional athletes, models,

bodybuilders and entrepreneurs or just local gym goers on about how important and valuable it is. 

204 Meal Prep is on a mission to change the way people power their lives. Healthy food is the foundation of any fitness goal. You can

spend hours at the gym, but if you’re not fuelling your body properly, you’re running on fumes and working on borrowed time. Great

cooking is the perfect blend of art, science, and nutrition. You don’t have time to do portion control, so let us do it for you.